The newest tracking service is out now

Benefits of Mobile Tracker can be seen in different spheres!

Whenever you need to protect a child, control employees, record the talk or read someone’s SMS for any purposes – there is the solution for you! Mobile Tracker is the professional program that can assist you with all of that. You can do much more than you possibly plan with the newest products. Let them a try and you will not regret!
Mobile Tracker

What are the main benefits of Mobile Tracker systems?

There are several main benefits and distinguishing features:
– The tracking system is the powerful tool of control and security online;
– Mobile Tracker s possess a wide range of features and nice functionality;
– Customer service is usually available;
– You can remove collected data quickly if needed;
– There is visibility and invisibility of the system on the phone, depending on the version and model.

Detailed explanation of the most essential features

There are many features of Mobile Tracker s that are useful and helpful at the same time. May be you are looking for concrete feature, but you can be glad with additional functions as well.

Interception of calls

It is an opportunity to overhear a conversation of a phone user that you are interested in. You will always receive an SMS notification when the observed telephone is dialing the target numbers, or you can set a function to listen to all conversations during the certain period or without time limits. Thus, the most progressive Mobile Tracker s give you the possibility to call back to the observed phone and you will be secretly added to the conversation in real time.

Secret switch on of the mike

Spy-call provides the possibility to switch on the mike on the observed phone secretly to be able to hear not only that person, but what is being told or happening nearby. You can benefit to be included in such listening surrounding from anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Listen to the discussions at the meetings, get to know if the baby is crying in its bedroom, or find out what your partner is really saying about you.

Place tracking: are they really there?

For mobiles with GPS connection, the Mobile Tracker s use GPS coordinates to determine the location of the observed person. If to display those coordinates on the map, you can be sure where that person really is. It is also possible to specify the frequency of tracking – to be able to observe their movements in real time.

SMS tracking: incoming and outgoing messages

All incoming and outgoing SMS messages will be intercepted and sent to your Internet back-office provided. You can find the Mobile Tracker s that support all the languages of the world. You can read all the information concerning the SMS: its text, a number, name of contact and time when it was sent or delivered. All messages can be sorted to provide you a better reading of such correspondence.

’Read emails’ function

All incoming and outgoing E-mails are monitored on the observed phone(s) and sent to your Internet back-office. If the e-mail address is specified in the phone’s address book, the contact’s name will also be displayed. It also can support all the languages of the world. This function is extremely useful in order to track if only the emails that concern work are sent from the work phone of the employee, but not only.
Those features can help you a lot in revealing of the truth! Try a Mobile Tracker today and be sure of your partners in business and life!

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