The benefits of the Mobile Tracker

What are the supportive functions and benefits of Mobile Tracker?

Maybe you already know the features of Mobile Trackers such as abilities to track phone calls, SMS and emails. Maybe you were even using it before. But how to get to know if you are/were provided the best quality service and that your Mobile Tracker is one of the best ones that are available on the market? How to use cell phone spy to track locations? The supportive functions described below will provide you an overview to make the best choice.


Important Mobile Trackers’ benefits not to forget about

There are some functions that can be helpful, but people don’t think of them straight when they are planning to buy a this system. They can be the features of the service or connected with the quality of service of the providers. So choose the best and don’t forget that with Tracker you can:

1. Track the habits of the observed persons. You can compare calls, emails and messages: to whom they were sent, when and for what purpose. You can get to know the frequency of such correspondence and take all that into consideration. For example, learn that your employees are continuously spending more time on their own things around 1 hour lunch break, and much more.

2. Know the friends of your friend. You can learn to whom they write, message and call the most frequently. May be they have friends that you don’t know about – you can discover that!

3. Get a notification when observed person changes SIM card. If that happens, you will know the first. The program continues to work and all the data are still being sent to you. Moreover, you will know the new number. This feature is also useful when the mobile was stolen.

4. Get to know WhatsApp etc. Nowadays people use not only emails and SMS, but also internal chats of WhatsApp, etc. Don’t worry! The modern Trackers will help you to be aware of all messages sent through such messengers as well.

Even more features for you to consider!

With modern and up-to-date Mobile Trackers you will also be able to:
– enter to your personal tracking back-office, where you can secretly save all the data, as well as sort, filter and download what you need;
– get to know where the person is with the help of CELL ID (this feature is extremely useful for the mobiles without GPS modules);
– make unlimited number of reinstallations of the program when the people change their mobiles for new ones;
– arrange all settings remotely as there is no need to have access to the observed mobile, it may be done with special SMS commands;
– set an option for the program to send all captured data to your email, so that even if you are not always online, you may have them in your mailbox to look through;
– hide “your presence” on the person’s phone in such a way that they will never know about your tracking activities.
In addition, some companies may provide you such convenient features and benefits for your program as:

1. Search by keywords in all the captured data for a simplicity of usage.
2. Upgrade for the new version that appear.
3. Reports in PDF or other formats that may be used as proofs in the court or for personal archive.

As you may see, with such multiple additional features you can get the best out of your Mobile Tracker!

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